Tidings of Comfort and Joy: Understanding Dental Implants in Coventry

Tidings of Comfort and Joy Understanding Dental Implants


If you have the misfortune to lose teeth through ageing or injury, you may need dental implants.  Fortunately, the design, composition and fitting of implants has advanced, and implants can now look as natural as real teeth and feel just as comfortable.  There is no need to feel your smile won’t look natural, or you will have problems eating or laughing. The Same Day Teeth Team in Coventry offers you tidings of comfort and joy this season as they explain a few facts about dental implants to not only inform you but to relieve any anxieties you might have.

The function of Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, you have the option of having them replaced with dental implants.  Not only do they imitate real teeth aesthetically but in their function, allowing you to chew, speak, whistle and sing a merry song without any hindrance. Provided you follow a routine and keep your implants clean, they will last a long time.

What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is a tiny, tapered, cylindrical post made of titanium surgically fitted in the jawbone in place of your missing root without impacting on healthy teeth. They help prevent your natural teeth from moving and deterioration of your jawbone.

The post fuses with your natural jawbone, growing together to form a strong and permanent foundation for your substitute tooth or teeth. The healing process can take from as little as a few weeks up to several months, depending on the individual patient. In the meantime, this should not disturb your everyday life or be any trouble at all.

Once the post has fused with the jawbone, an abutment, or connector, is fitted to connect with the new crown or replacement tooth.

How Will My Implant Look?

A face without teeth can sag and look sad.  Dental implants will not only fill the spaces in your teeth but allow you to maintain the natural shape of your face and smile.  Provided you see a good dentist, your new teeth will look entirely natural. Here at Same Day Teeth Team, we employ only talented and experienced technicians who pride themselves on their artistic and creative ability to craft high-quality crowns that never look or feel alien alongside your natural teeth. No one will know you are wearing an implant.

You may have observed your friends or colleagues implants and be concerned about how fake they look, or by seeing a visible metal margin when they smile.  Fear not; our technicians take great care in replicating the shape, colour and quality of your new teeth. Not only are the front teeth expertly crafted and coloured using a computerised shade match, but all replacement teeth.

Are Dental Implants Painful?

Even those patients who are perfectly relaxed visiting the dentist can be terrified by the prospect of having dental implants fitted.  After all, it is a surgical procedure and sounds very alarming.  The Same Day Teeth Team are very experienced at treating anxious patients. It is very important you are relaxed and comfortable, and we can offer sedation so you won’t feel a thing.  You will receive excellent after-care service, so if you have any pain or discomfort whatsoever during your treatment period, we will always be available to help and advise you.

What are the risks of failure?

Dental implants, as with any procedure, can fail with poor dentistry. It is vital you see a very experienced, well-qualified dentist and choose superior quality dental implants.

It is of the utmost importance you see a qualified hygienist every 3 to 6 months after the dental implants are fitted and follow a strict regime with cleaning your teeth and implants and keeping your mouth free from bacteria. Brushing implants is slightly different from brushing natural teeth, and the hygienist will show you how. With care, your implants will last a long time.

What is the Cost?

Costs for dental implants vary from one patient to another not only because of the number of teeth that need replacing but because of the health of your jawbone, and the type of crown or restoration determines the price.  Every patient at the Same Day Teeth Team receives and individual plan and quote for approval before treatment begins and we have a selection of plans to chose from .

As an example, a ‘Pearl’ standard grade dental implant will cost £2,000, and multiple ‘Pearls’ will cost £1700 each. A ‘Diamond’ premium aesthetic grade dental implant will cost £2,500, and multiple diamonds will cost £2,000 each. Click here to see the complete list of the options we offer. We offer flexible finance plans, so once you have decided on the type of treatment you want, we can find the best repayment options depending on your budget.

Same Day Teeth Team in Coventry wishes all our patients tiding of comfort and joy this season.  For more information or to book your FREE initial consultation contact us HERE


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