The 4 steps to replacing your teeth in Stratford Upon Avon

The 4 steps to replacing your teeth


You may imagine once you need dentures all that is available are removable false teeth and plastic smiles.  You dread the visions of teeth in a glass by the bed.  If you have lost your teeth in an accident, or age has finally crept up on you and, due to decay or infection, you face losing your teeth, you will want to know if there is a better option to removable dentures. The Same Day Teeth Team in Stratford Upon Avon offers a choice of custom made solutions with both removable and fixed dentures and a very personal service.

1# Custom-Made Options

If you are totally opposed to the very idea of conventional removable dentures, we can discuss with you two alternatives; implant retained dentures or fixed dentures, known as All-on-4.

Implant retained dentures are tiny titanium implants, surgically placed in your jaw bone with a denture of replacement teeth securely clipped to the implants.  Although you unclip the denture to clean frequently around the implants, your denture remains securely in position and functions better than regular dentures.

All-on-Four stays in position all the time and can only be removed for periodic checkups by your dentist.  Your replacement teeth or crowns are fixed to a custom-made arch of reinforced metal, and this is screwed into position on four implants, hence the name, All-on-Four.  Sometimes, for a more pleasing result, six implants are used and referred to as All-on-Six

2# Personal Service

The first step towards implant retained dentures or All-on-4, is a comprehensive diagnosis.  We need to review your dental health and consider why you have lost your teeth in the first place, and we need to build trust to reassure you that you are in safe hands. Each case is unique and personal.

Your free consultation is followed up with x-rays and 3D scans, the most useful tool in modern dentistry. From these scans, your bone density can be reviewed and the very best position to place the implants decided before treatment even begins. Every step of the way your dentist will discuss the best way to approach your treatment and will draw up a comprehensive treatment plan so you know what is happening.

3# Technology and Skill

Every component of your Implant retained dentures or All-on-4’s are bespoke.  From the tiny implants, made from titanium, the best material for strength and healing properties, to the replica teeth, are made for you and you alone.  One of our skilled clinical dental technicians will meet with you not only to review the shape and structure of your mouth and face but to discuss with you the size and colour of the teeth, so you get the natural results you wish for. It is a team approach. Not only must your dentures look good but they must be fully functional, and this is the result of more than one conversation. You have the opportunity to have many appointments to discuss your requirements and make up your mind before we go ahead with your approval.

With the assistance of cad-cam technology, the clinical technician produces a very accurate design framework for your new teeth.  Each tooth is made individually. The shape, colour, the opacity and the chroma are carefully selected to make strong, natural looking teeth.  It takes the skill and dedication of an artist to make the best dentures.

4# Care and After-Care

Fitting implants is a surgical procedure and can be uncomfortable or cause immediate pain.  You are given an anesthetic to totally numb your mouth but, if you are very nervous about the procedure, we can offer you sedation to relieve you of any anxiety.

All-on-4’s or Implant retained dentures are a commitment.  We see you at regular intervals to review your implants and assess how you are getting on with your dentures and make any necessary adjustments.  

You will be given instructions on how to clean and care for your implants and dentures and you will be advised to keep regular appointments with the hygienist.  If you take care, your new dentures will be durable and long lasting. And you will be happy and confident with your new smile.

And your care does not end there. If a bespoke service and fixed dentures seem out of reach, we offer a tailor made payment plan to suit your budget.

Do you want to replace your missing teeth? Are you confused about your options. Post a comment below if you have any questions or need reassuring words.


8 thoughts on “The 4 steps to replacing your teeth in Stratford Upon Avon”

  1. I’m a desperate 50 yr old who is slowly losing teeth & im devastated. I had veneers about 10 yrs ago on the top front inc a 3 tooth bridge on on the left side. This was due to very crooked teeth that had me never smiling or hiding behind my hand. I was incredibly happy with the results & spent the nxt few years smiling. The bridge came off whilst eating….never to be seen again. Now I’m back to hiding behind my hand when I smile/laugh. I would love to have my teeth done but have a couple of problems. I have a bicuspid aortic valve working at 64%. I have also gone into shock needing medical intervention during dental work. I would appreciate your opinion please.

  2. I lost 2 front teeth throuh an accident and have them on a plate, how much would the cost be for the 2 teeth? thank you.

  3. Sounds wonderful .ive thought about the rest of my teeth taken out and inplants put in .but the cost .can you give rough idea please
    Thank you

    Jane goodman .

  4. Hi , I have horsey teeth , I ran into a rubbish skip , when I was younger , I lost my 2 front teeth, I ended up having screws in my gums , and 2 horrible false ones connected to the screws . As I’ve got older they have become to point out ( you can tell there false ) . I am a mother if 3 , and I do not work . I thought you might be able to offer me some help for free. I’ve mentioned having implants to my dentist , but she said it will cost £500 per implant. Please help me . THANK YOU .

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