Enhance Your Life with Dental Implants in Stratford Upon Avon

Enhance Your Life with Dental Implants in Coventry


The loss of teeth through accident or ageing can be devastating both physically and emotionally.  It is of paramount importance to replace lost teeth not only to preserve the health of remaining teeth but to restore your confidence.  Dental implants from Same Day Teeth Team in Stratford Upon Avon will enhance your life with a smile that looks good and feels natural.

Dental implants are the next best thing compared to your natural teeth. Alternatively, dentures, by their very nature, can be awkward as they cover the palate or lower jaw.  And a dental bridge involves may involve compromising adjacent healthy teeth.

There are many advantages to replacing lost teeth with dental implants including

  • Maintaining the integrity of bone structure after tooth loss 
  • Function, feel and look like natural teeth
  • Improve speaking ability. No lisp or whistle
  • Improve facial appearance by preventing bone loss. No sagging jaw line
  • No shifting of your remaining teeth, causing bite problems.
  • No painful jaw joint problems
  • No difficulty in chewing properly. You can eat anything you want

And if that isn’t enough to convince you dental implants are the best way to replace lost teeth, the boost to your confidence when you can smile and laugh again unselfconsciously definitely will.

Anyone with missing teeth is a candidate for dental implants no matter if you are young or old, provided you have stopped growing.  Implants are not suitable for teenagers as the bones are not yet fully formed.

Planning is the most important part of the process. A diagnosis and intelligently thought-out treatment plan ensuring proper placement makes the difference between success and failure. Dental implants consist of three parts:

  • A Titanium, bone-integrated post surgically implanted in the gum.
  • The abutment to hold the crown.
  • The crown, or false tooth.

Dentists at Same Day Teeth Team are very experienced with dental implants and will give you all the time you need to discuss any fears and hopes you may have for your implants to ensure you have a pain free and excellent outcome.  Once treatment begins, and the Titanium post is surgically implanted, the healing process begins. The bone around the dental implant will grow and integrate with the new implant in a matter of a few weeks ready for your new tooth to be bonded in place.

We offer a range of top quality replacement teeth as our patients want long lasting, well fitting, fully functioning and aesthetically pleasing implants, creating beautiful smiles that enhance their lives in so many ways. Your dental implants are made by the very best technicians using sophisticated computer programs to fabricate your new crown to exact specifications.  We take into consideration the shape of your smile, in relation to your natural teeth, the colour and they take meticulous care with the bite force to give you replacement teeth you love and that never feel alien in your mouth. Brush and floss twice a day and visit your dentist twice a year for check-ups and your hygienist for a regular cleaning. That’s all there is to it!

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